I offer a 12-week introduction to public speaking package to help you gain confidence with speaking in any situation.

Each session is 55 minutes and can be held online or in person. $2500 + GST


Introduction to Public Speaking

If you've avoided speaking up in situations such as meetings, presentations, networking events, introductions, family gatherings, to name a few, this coaching is designed for you.

This introduction to public speaking aims to boost your confidence and help you overcome your fear around speaking up and speaking out.

This work is also designed to help you refine and articulate your ideas and messaging with clarity, confidence, and impact so you can inspire and transform your target audience.

With personalised, one-on-one guidance, you will receive practical tools and techniques you can use, and opportunities to practice speaking in a safe and supportive environment free from judgement or criticism.

During our time together, we will cover:

• Understanding the root of fear behind public speaking
• Practices you can use any time you need to speak in front of an audience
• Techniques to help reduce tension in your body
• Effective use of body language
• Crafting and delivering your message
• How to use stories to help illustrate your point
• Mapping out the interconnectedness of your ideas

You’ll also have multiple chances to practice speaking so you can try out these new tools and techniques in a safe environment.

This work will help you gain confidence to put yourself forward, be considered for a promotion, get a new job, promote your business, wow people with your speaking skills, and give you a huge boost in self-esteem.

12 sessions (55 minutes each session)

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