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Which Social Media Sites do I need?

What do they all do?

Social media sites

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or out of touch with all the different social media sites, you’re not alone!  The list keeps growing and everyone has their favorites. The question I’ve often heard asked is “what do they all do and which social media sites do I need”?

My response is to ask who you want to keep in touch with and what type of information do you want to share?

Rather than go into technical detail about each site, I’ve decided to keep it simple (really simple) to present a possible scenario for each.

Social Media Sites

Facebook   Facebook: I am at this particular location and this is what I’m doing.

YouTube icon  YouTube: Watch me as I do what I’m doing.

Instagram icon  Instagram: Here’s a picture of me, my food, my friends, my cat/dog/guinea pig …

Twitter iconTwitter: I am #doing this.

Reddit icon  Reddit: I did (and think) this and I invite you to up- or down-vote it.

Pinterest icon Pinterest: This is my collection of a particular interest I have.

Tumblr icon Tumblr: I can create a mini-blog (tumblelog) and share photos, videos, and links about what I did.

flickr icon Flickr: I want a wide coverage to share my photos of the things I have done.

Google+ icon Google+: I want to promote my small business by sharing it across all Google platforms.

Linked In icon  LinkedIn: I have lots of experience at doing what I’m doing.

Snapchat icon  Snapchat: I’m sending a photo of what I’m doing but you only have a few seconds before it self-destructs.

WhatsApp icon  WhatsApp: It costs less to message you using the internet than to text you about what I’m doing.

Medium icon  Medium: I want to write and publish a really interesting article on the things I have been doing/what I think.

 StumbleUpon: If I write something interesting or post a great photo somewhere it may get discovered by StumbleUpon and shared with their audience.

There are many more social media sites not included here such as Skype, Viber, Line, Telegram, Foursquare, Myspace …

Rather than spending too much time online I would recommend sticking to 2-3 platforms and enjoying them rather than becoming a slave to them. After all, it’s probably more important to spend more time enjoying what you are actually doing rather than trying to keep everyone else up-to-date.

I hope this has helped you decide which social media site to use or at least given some basic clarity around what each site does.

An online business starts with self knowledge

Take any opportunity for self knowledge

Creating an online business starts with self knowledge

On a daily basis we are given all sorts of opportunities for self knowledge. It’s up to us whether we make the most of those opportunities to learn about ourselves or whether we choose to ignore them.

Once you start a new venture you really begin to look long and hard at who you are.  This includes your beliefs, your skills, your abilities … and sometimes what you believe about yourself really get questioned.

There have been times throughout my journey of creating an online business when I have questioned my abilities. This is usually when I’m in the middle of a steep learning curve and feel overwhelmed with all the information that I need to absorb. Maybe you’re like me and when you’re faced with doubt about what you’re capable of achieving, you compare yourself with others and their progress. Unfortunately when we do that, we usually come out worse off.

It doesn’t matter what others are doing and what journey they’re on. It’s not a race. What we need to remember is that we are taking charge of our lives by taking action.  That action is usually motivated by a need to create more fulfillment in our lives, and we don’t need to worry about what others are doing. We only need to be concerned with our journey.

Unfortunately many people would rather stay unfulfilled than change their journey. The fears that people face around change have been well documented. Fear of failure, fear of loss of income, fear of what others think, fear of rejection … the list goes on and on but really what most of these fears come down to is that any change means moving outside of what we believe about ourselves and where we fit in our world.

Once we start to expand ourselves, people near us can get scared and try to give us advice. They say they are trying to protect us but the reality is they are often scared of who we might become, how we might change and perhaps they even fear how they may fit into our new lives once we start growing and learning.

New Learning = new confidence

When you start learning new skills such as an online business education, you remember just how exciting it is to be learning something new. If gives you new focus, it opens you up to all sorts of awareness, including self-knowledge. You learn information to which you have never been exposed before and it gives you confidence as you can feel yourself growing and expanding. It’s exciting stuff!

This new knowledge also changes the way you see the world and how you fit in it. It’s interesting as it’s a subtle movement but slowly you realize that some aspects of your life that you once thought important start to lose their attraction, and they are replaced with new possibilities. This might sound a bit airy-fairy but it’s true!

Who you are will always keep evolving as you move through life – your job is keep learning about yourself and always be open to new opportunities when you are ready, and when they present themselves.

Enjoy the journey!

What if you’re not ready to retire?

Talking about retirement (or not)

Not ready to retireMaybe you’re like me – you’re in your late 50’s and you’re not ready to retire. Yet you’re starting to hear people around your age talk about retirement; how many years they have left and how they’re going to fill in their days when they’ve finished working.

I know everyone is different but if you’re like me, you have no intention of stopping work just because you reach the ‘recognized’ retirement age.

Thankfully I have some fighting-fit-friends who are well into their 60’s and 70’s and have no intention of retiring or slowing down. I say thankfully, because these are the people I aspire to be like. Friends who know that retirement is not a goal. It’s not something we work towards after which we receive a reward for our many years of toil – perhaps a gold watch or maybe if we’re really lucky, a chiming clock! These are the people I like to spend time with as they keep themselves (and those around them) young and as a result, they seem ageless.

These are people who are still really active, who travel regularly, who are open to new experiences and opportunities, who feel fulfilled and who love live.

By contrast, we all recognize the stereotype of the retiree who shuffles off from their productive working life to then spend their days on the bowling green or in the garden, never to be heard from again. This, to me, feels like a slow and certain path to becoming old and unwanted, aka invisible. I know which type I aspire to be.

So what are the alternatives?

If you go online you will find a huge array of advertisements and articles aimed at people in their 50’s and 60’s who are looking for alternatives to retirement. Many of these advertise home-based or online businesses, and a large number of them state that you will amass riches quickly by following a few simple steps.  Hmmm. I’m pretty sure you would agree with me that anything that sounds too good to be true, usually is. Conversely, anything that we value in our life has usually come about through real effort and a lot of focus. Not by following a few simple steps.

My voyage of discovery into alternatives began after I was made redundant (for the second time). Instead of going into panic mode, I decided this was a great opportunity for me. It gave me the chance to look into different types of work where I could determine the outcome and conditions of my working life, rather than someone else deciding this for me. I’ll be honest with you. My investigations took many hours. There is a lot of information available online and much of it is misleading.

The option I chose

I was searching for online and home-based businesses and one opportunity I came across was for Six Figure Mentors (SFM). They offered the opportunity to learn about starting your own online business and there was an option to subscribe to a free 7-day video series. After watching these 7 videos on various aspects of running a digital business I decided to enroll and start finding out more.

I can honestly say it’s been an amazing opportunity and one I’m really glad I decided to pursue. As well as an in-depth education around digital marketing I have had exposure to a range of mentors with a wealth of knowledge and the support of a global community who also believe in recreating a future for themselves. A future where they get to make the decisions around where and when they work.

So, rather than buying into the retirement conversation I have decided to take responsibility for where and when I work and, with that, to have the freedom to carry on doing the things that I love.

Fighting fit in my fifties!

Do you need a change of direction?                                Do you want to be free from worrying about your future?

Do you need a change of direction? Do you want to be free from worrying about your future?


Imagine a different future living the lifestyle of your choice.


Learn valuable digital marketing skills & turn your dreams into reality by creating an online business.


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